366TAS: 5:34 – Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

On Halloween afternoon, 1993, I started my first meaningful job, working at the local Shop ‘N’ Save. I don’t remember much about my day at work, but I do remember two things about the day, generally: that morning, it snowed and Pink Floyd tickets went on sale. Now I was just beginning to get into classic rock and wasn’t at all a Pink Floyd fan at this point, so I didn’t quite understand why it was a Really Big Deal. Turns out, the band hadn’t toured in five years and that had been uncertain after Roger Waters’ departure from the band.

Two years later, as a college freshman, I had developed a much greater appreciation of Pink Floyd and in fact, they had taken up a near-permanent residency in my CD player. Whether it was the early Syd Barrett fueled singles like “See Emily Play” and “Interstellar Overdrive”, formative years songs like “Green is the Colour” or the ostentatiously titled “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict”, the post-Waters era tracks like “Learning to Fly” and “Take it Back” or the golden era hits “Run Like Hell” and lesser-known gems like “San Tropez”, I ate it all up. Pink Floyd had replaced AC/DC as my go-to band.

My very favorite Pink Floyd album to this day, however, is Wish You Were Here. In my last semester of high school, I had started to take guitar lessons, only to have my progress come to a quick stop when I broke my wrist and elbow in gym class. After I went off to college, I started to play again and the song I spent the most time working on was “Wish You Were Here”. Unfortunately, my guitar playing career once again went on hiatus when I packed up and went home for the summer, but guitar or no, “Wish You Were Here” is certainly a song I spent a lot of time with.

After the 1994 Division Bell tour, frontman David Gilmour said that the tour was great and he didn’t want to wait five or seven years before going on tour again. Sadly, that was the last time Pink Floyd played together. With Richard Wright having passed away and only Nick Mason agreeing to play at the London Olympics closing ceremonies, I can’t imagine Gilmour and Waters will ever reunite to tour again. Even if they did, I fear they may be so far past their prime that it would merely be a shell of the Pink Floyd show that I would really love to see.

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

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