366TAS: 5:32 – TV on the Radio – Halfway Home

When asked about his song of the decade at the end of the aughts, my buddy Josh thought for a bit and came up with TV on the Radio’s “Young Liars”. It’s not a bad song; probably one of their best from the first EP or two studio albums (along with “Wolf Like Me”), but there also wasn’t a whole lot of competition. Through all that material, there was never really anything that I liked and I more or less tuned them out.

Then, in 2008, the Brooklyn band released Dear Science, an album released to great critical acclaim and a whole lot of “meh” from me. I mean, I had heard these guys, they didn’t impress me that much and so I didn’t give them much attention. No big whoop, right? Well a year or two later I got around to listening to Dear Science and holy crap, it’s brilliant. If I were to compile a ballot for Pitchfork’s “People’s List”, a reader poll of the best albums from the Pitchfork era (1996-present), Dear Science would certainly be in the top ten and very possibly in the top five.

Also high on that list would be Florence + the Machine’s Lungs. Careful readers may remember that the length of Florence + the Machine songs was actually an impetus for the 366TAS project in the first place. Tomorrow, we’ll reach the length of longest song from Florence’s mediocre Ceremonials album. As we eclipse the 5:33 mark and go beyond for the rest of the year, you’ll find that there’s lots and lots of great longer songs, several of which you may not have even noticed ran so long. Oh, and my top song of the aughts will be one of those that you’ll hear. Any guesses?

Halfway Home – TV on the Radio

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  2. James says:

    Personally, I would have waited a second to pick the deeply moving “Family Tree” (5:33). A close second would be “Dreams” (5:09).

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