366TAS: 5:31 – Ministry – N.W.O.

More often than not, my mood will inspire what I choose to listen to. At the start of a bright, sunny day, I might go for some cheery pop music, late Saturday evenings before I turn in for the night, I might throw on some cool jazz, and if I’m feeling nostalgic, maybe some early 90’s hits. Every now and then, I’ll get angry about something (usually something stupid) and cue up something appropriately angsty to rage out a bit.

That’s exactly what happened one evening in late July, 2004. I had spent the better part of the previous six weeks dutifully studying and preparing to take the Bar Exam. My strategy for the exam was to almost exclusively study the six subjects tested in the multistate multiple choice exam, since they were also six of the 20-something subjects that were fair game for the essay portion of the test. Early in my studying process, I took a practice multistate exam. My score was okay; probably not quite good enough to put me on pace to pass, but it highlighted concepts and areas for me to focus my studies. With time and room to improve, I figured that with a little work, I should be fine.

Fast-forward to the weekend before the bar exam. To understand the pacing and as another means of reviewing the material, I took another practice test. My score was worse than it was before I started studying in earnest. Full stop. Deep breath. Okay, still upset that all my studying didn’t appear to help with the results. Let’s rage out. I threw on Ministry’s Psalm 69, turned up the volume and steamed about it for an hour or so. I think I freaked my roommates out.

In the end, it all turned out okay. I posted a scaled score of 158 on the multistate exam, well above the mean score of 143 (PA) and 141 (nationally). I was also better than the best multistate score to not pass the Bar Exam (151), so when I went down to the Court offices to see if my name was on the list of successful applicants, I got to cheer, celebrate and go home happy.

N.W.O. – Ministry

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