366TAS: 5:30 – Nine Inch Nails – Physical (You’re So)

In the latter portion of my high school years, I listened to a lot of music that some people might have thought of as “angry music”: Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, the Offspring, Metallica, Bodycount and a whole lot of grunge and gangsta rap, both of which were heavily inspired by angst. Every so often, however, “very important people” decide that regular people can’t handle “angry” music, just like violent video games occasionally come under fire for causing real-world violence. This, of course, ignores the vast majority of the population that doesn’t hear a song or play a video game and become inspired to go out and cause a bunch of mayhem. I certainly like to think that I’m a pretty well-adjusted person despite growing up with the music collection that I had.

The one bit of angst that Nine Inch Nails did stir in me was when they included two “hidden tracks” at the end of their 1992 album, Broken. Where bands could hide tracks on cassette tapes by including the recording while leaving the song title off of the tracklist, the CD era made hiding tracks more difficult. Sometimes, bands would include 5-10 minutes of silence after a listed track before including a hidden one. On Broken, Nine Inch Nails included 91 three second silent tracks before two hidden tracks at the end of the disc. My high school CD player didn’t have a way to jump directly to a track number, so to hear these two tracks (including “Physical (You’re So)”), I would have to listen to or hit forward past 91 tracks. Annoying! Any way you play it, hidden tracks just don’t work in the digital era. Bands, can we stop this now? Thanks!

Physical (You’re So) – Nine Inch Nails

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  2. James says:

    Great story. I was also annoyed by the hidden tracks on CDs that were just added on to the end of the last song with 3 to 5 minutes of dead air in between (preventing the ability to skip to the song). My NIN picks would have been “Closer” (6:13) or “Hurt” (6:12, FYI, the great Johnny Cash cover is only 3:38).

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