366TAS: 5:29 – RJD2 – A Beautiful Mine

Hip-hop music has two fundamental components: rhymes and beats. Every now and again, you can have the former without the latter, but more often, you’ll see the beats standing on their own. That’s where RJD2 comes in. As one of the leading lights in the world of “instrumental hip-hop”, RJD2 (aka: Ramble John Krohn) is known for laying down some great beats that can stand on their own without lyrical accompaniment. On Aceyalone’s Magnificent City album, RJD2 provided backing beats that were so strong, he released the beat track as his own album, Magnificent City Instrumentals. Having heard both versions, my impression was that Aceyalone’s rhymes took away from the album and that the beats standing alone were a superior performance. “A Beautiful Mine” is the final track from Magnificent City Instrumentals and it’s pretty great.

A Beautiful Mine – RJD2

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  1. James says:

    Also, though I don’t watch the show, I could recognize that this song also serves as the theme song to “Mad Men”.

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