366TAS: 5:28 – Belle and Sebastian – I’m a Cuckoo

It should go without saying that I like pretty much all of the songs I’m posting for the 366TAS project. Some might only be for the little sparks of nostalgia they trigger and they may not be musically relevant, interesting or appealing anymore, but they’re part of my history, so they’re in. On the other hand, there are some really, really great songs in here too. Songs that seem like they should have universal appear. Songs that I can’t imagine anyone not liking. Here’s onehere’s another. Go ahead and try not to like those tracks. If you’re successful, I’m pretty sure you don’t have a soul.

“I’m a Cuckoo” is one of those tracks that everybody should know and love too. It’s a catchy, accessible, upbeat pop song that’ll make you do a little awkward hipster dance. It’s a song that I’ve used to get oldies and country music fans hooked on Belle & Sebastian. Of course, it’s easy to jump of the Belle and Sebastian bandwagon because so much of their work is catchy, accessible upbeat pop songs, especially over their last three studio albums.

Earlier in their career, the band had more of a penchant for more understated, introspective, sometimes wallowing songs that (rightly or wrongly) earned themselves a description of “sad bastard music” from Jack Black in “High Fidelity”. Nevertheless, much of their earlier work had similar pop underpinnings and the same brilliant songwriting from frontman, Stuart Murdoch (previously mentioned here).

It’s only natural that the majority of the most widely appreciated music will be pop songs. They’re accessible and generally inoffensive. As the song times here get longer, we’re going to be seeing less and less pop music, with genres like hard rock, electronica and jazz becoming more prominent. There will be lots of songs that stake out more challenging positions and plenty of music that elicits strong reactions, positive or negative. But all that is for another day. For now, take a moment to appreciate the best pop group of the last two decades, Belle and Sebastian.

I’m a Cuckoo – Belle and Sebastian

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  1. James says:

    This is also a band that is near and dear to my heart and practically impossible to just pick one song for, so I offer up “Funny Little Frog” (3:08), “The State I Am In” (4:59), & “The Boy With The Arab Strap” (5:15). Also, why no Camera Obscura yet (who are in the similar vein as Belle and Sebastian)? [Suggestions include: “Before You Cry” (2:59), “Teenager” (3:40), & “Suspended From Class” (3:46)]

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