366TAS: 5:20 – Super Furry Animals – Inaugural Trams

One of the biggest events that’s happened during my time in DC was Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony. In the run-up, hotel rooms in the region sold out and stories went around of people renting out their homes and apartments for staggering sums of money. Sure enough, on January 20, a crush of people descended on DC to stand out in the freezing cold for a few hours. Besides the area’s hospitality industry, the transportation infrastructure was also under a lot of stress from all the people coming and going. The Metrorail system, the local “tram” system that’s a regular source of angst for locals, was placed under particular pressure.

The day before the inauguration, the incoming masses of people going to various events around town set a new single day Metrorail ridership record, taking 866,681 trips. That record lasted all of one day, as Metro recorded 1,120,000 trips on inauguration day itself. About two months later, the Super Furry Animals released “Inaugural Trams”. I don’t know that there’s any connection between the band and the event, but there’s a connection between the two in my head. Metro could (and usually does) do a lot worse…

Inaugural Trams – Super Furry Animals

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