366TAS: 5:15 – 2 Live Crew – Fuck Martinez

Yesterday, I mentioned that the national Academic Games tournament was a prime source of memorable moments from my younger days. Between the talent show performances, messing with the cafeteria workers, hitting the founder of Academic Games in the head with a frisbee or formally codifying that the sentence “The meat gave orders.” makes no logical sense, there are plenty of great tales to tell. None, however, match up to the legend of the JohnDance.

Our cabins slept eight people (in two bunk beds) per room. One night while we were getting ready for bed, Brendan was playing DJ and we had already killed the lights, with a few folks breaking out flashlights to read or whatever. As the dulcet tones of the 2 Live Crew’s “Fuck Martinez” filled the air, Luther Campbell called out, “now break it on down!” At precisely this moment, John comes busting into the room and as if they knew they were witnessing history, all the flashlights trained on him. John did exactly as Luke said and went into some crazy never-before-seen dance moves. As Campbell urged him to “make it funky”, that’s exactly what John did, double-timing his crazed gyrations and adding a bit of flair. Finally, John capped off his dancing spree with a bit of the funky chicken.

The entire room cheered him on and the JohnDance became an overnight sensation. To this day, people still speak of the JohnDance in hushed tones and on special occasions, it will be performed. In fact, I have some expectation that we might be seeing the JohnDance this coming weekend when the man himself turns 38…

Fuck Martinez – 2 Live Crew

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