366TAS: 5:14 – Stone Temple Pilots – Plush

Before there was karaoke, before I sang “La Bamba” for the family reunion, there was “Plush”, the first song I ever sang solo before a big crowd.

This story begins back in my elementary/junior high/high school days when I was on my school’s Academic Games team. The highlight of the year was always the trip to the Rock Eagle 4-H club in Eatonton, Georgia during the last week of April for the national tournament. Nationals was always a fun week filled with Mello Yello, frisbee dodge, lots of trophy-winning and lots of youthful hijinks that are still plenty memorable two decades later.

Every year, there was also a talent show. Typically, this was not a particular highlight for my teammates and I. My senior year, my friend Brian and I decided to liven things up in the talent show. He played the guitar and kinda knew the chords for the Stone Temple Pilots hit song, “Plush” and I kinda knew the song’s lyrics. After taking a crash course on how to play and sing the song, we decided to enter the talent show and do the song. Despite our short amount of rehearsal time and although Brian broke a string during the show, we were great and walked off to a standing ovation that more or less brought the house down. Everyone who was there told me it was the performance of a lifetime. … at least that’s how I remember it. You don’t doubt my recollection, do you?

Plush – Stone Temple Pilots

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