366TAS: 5:13 – David Bowie – Young Americans

I like David Bowie’s music, but he was generally a little before my time. He did a lot of stuff and I was a fan, but never a big fan. I don’t have much to say about him, really, so my friend Rachel is here to offer a perspective on David Bowie. Take it away, Rachel!

Ahh, David Bowie. He should be remembered for two things: marrying Iman (helloooo!) and for stuffing his pants in Labyrinth. I mean, seriously?! Did he think he could get away with that? Hilarious.

Young Americans – David Bowie

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  1. James says:

    Why couldn’t you just waited two more seconds? Then you could have picked “Space Oddity” (5:15) or used Seu Jorge wonderful Portuguese cover version (5:40). Other possibilities down the line could have been the politically incorrect “China Girl” (5:32), the thematic “Heros” (6:07), or the ever still catchy “Let’s Dance” (7:37).

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