366TAS: 5:11 – Scorpions – Wind of Change

“Wind of Change” is, without a doubt, the preeminent song about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of communism in eastern Europe. So strong is the association and so iconic is the video that “Chuck” paid homage to it in this clip from the season four episode, “Chuck vs. The Seduction Impossible”. It’s a great reference and a fantastic use of the song; an all-around incorporation of the culture that was one of the things that made “Chuck” such brilliant television.

It’s worth noting that rock and roll didn’t just celebrate the fall of the communist bloc, it helped to speed the collapse. Much has been written to that end, the Wikipedia page on the subject makes for a fine starting point to read about how the likes of Phil Collins and Bruce Springsteen helped bring an end to the Soviet Union.

Wind of Change – Scorpions

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