366TAS: 5:08 – The Black Crowes – Gone

When I was last living in Pittsburgh, I would volunteer to answer phones during WYEP’s fundraising campaigns. The volunteers would sit at a table in the same room as the on-air talent and when the phones were slow and the hosts weren’t on air, we would all get to talking about the city, the news, the weather, the station, music or whatever. One day while I was volunteering at the studio during the Afternoon Mix with Rosemary Welsch, we got to talking about upcoming shows. The Black Crowes were on the schedule and I said that I wouldn’t mind seeing them. Rosemary immediately gave me a look of great scorn and disdain and said something along the lines of “… but they’re just a plain, basic, ordinary rock band”.

Well yeah, maybe they are, but I’m not sure there’s a better modern Southern rock band out there. The Black Crowes have always had a great, accessible sound that’s consistent from album to album and between their hits and their album tracks. There’s nothing phony or overstated about what the Black Crowes are: a good-times rock and roll band. They’re great to put on if you’re hosting a BBQ or just got some take-out BBQ. They’re not my favorite band out there, but I always thought they were relatively inoffensive… at least until that fateful day at WYEP. Of all bands to look down upon, I’m not sure the Black Crowes are really where you want to start.

A few months later, I visited the WYEP studios during a friend’s overnight show. I suggested that my friend play some Black Crowes and dedicate it out to “R.W.” It was still early in the evening, so I’m hoping that Rosemary was listening. Probably not – and she probably wouldn’t even have made the connection – but I was still amused by the dedication.

Gone – The Black Crowes

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