366TAS: 5:07 – Blur – This is a Low

For much of the mid-90’s, I was listening to classic rock and not a whole lot of contemporary music. As such, I didn’t catch up with the whole Britpop movement until about a decade later, so most of my associations with Blur are of a 2006 vintage. Digesting an artist’s catalog in your own time, at your own pace and in an order you choose also probably slants your feelings about their work. For me, Parklife was my introduction to and, for all intents and purposes, continues to be my definitive Blur album. “This is a Low” wasn’t as strong as the title track or a few others, but it was the best that they had to offer at 5:07…

This is a Low – Blur

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  1. James says:

    Nice use of a qualifier, but for those great tracks below the time limit, I go with “Song 2” (2:02), “Parklife” (3:05), or “Girls & Boys” (4:50).

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