366TAS: 5:00 – Cream – White Room

For much of my late high school and early college years, I spent most of my time listening to classic rock. Different bands would take turns shuffling through my rotation, and for Cream, their turn came up late in my freshman year of college. I remember one particular night walking home from some house party with “Strange Brew” stuck in my head while Josh had to go record music for a class at 2 AM on a Sunday morning.

Mostly though, I have my buddy “Diamond Darnell” to thank for the late freshman year memories of Cream. You see, I borrowed a Cream album from him around that time… perhaps the night we watched all seven periods of play as the Penguins knocked off the Capitals in four overtimes. In any case, 16 years later, I still have that CD. So if you’re out there, Darnell, I still have it! Maybe one day it’ll make its way back to you…

White Room – Cream

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