366TAS: 4:57 – Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

In college, I took a class titled “Rock and Roll”. The professor had some… idiosyncratic tastes and grades for the class were largely determined by how much he liked the band that was the subject of your term paper. Most of what I remember from the class were that the professor’s two favorite songs were “Teddy Bear” by Elvis and Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution”. This did not bode well for me.

I was never a big Elvis fan and my feelings about Tracy Chapman were pretty mixed. My dad was a fan of Chapman’s self-titled debut and I remember spending more than a few long car rides that were spent with the likes of Tracy Chapman and dad’s other favorites of the era, Richard Marx and (non-ironic) Rick Astley in the cassette deck. Even though the bulk of Tracy Chapman’s work didn’t resonate with 11 year old me, I did at least think that “Fast Car” might have been okay. I’m not sure what dad listens to nowadays, but when I think of his music, this is one of the things that I remember he used to like.

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

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