366TAS: 4:53 – Shugo Tokumaru – Green Rain

Earlier this year, I wrote about how cool sounding lyrics render their meaning nearly irrelevant for me when it comes to assessing whether or not I like a song. That’s especially relevant when it comes to songs performed in foreign languages.

That brings us to Shugo Tokumaru, a Japanese guy who sings almost entirely in his native Japanese. I have absolutely no idea what his music “is about”, but there’s a certain musicality in his voice that pairs exquisitely with the variety of instruments he incorporates to create a distinctive soundscape that’s full of innocence and happiness. His 2007 album Exit and the 2010 followup, Port Entropy are both really light and easy listens, and “Green Rain” was probably my single favorite song from 2007.

Green Rain – Shugo Tokumaru

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