366TAS: 4:50 – Genesis – The Brazilian

Mostly because of my age, my first exposure to Genesis was the band’s massively popular, Invisible Touch, an album that saw the band reach the pinnacle of their commercial success. The album spawned five singles, each of which reached the top four in the US charts. What I missed before this was the… um… genesis of the band as a prog rock outfit. Nine year old me picked up a copy of Invisible Touch on vinyl (one of my last vinyl records) and loved some of the album’s hit songs like “Land of Confusion”, “Throwing it All Away” and especially the title track.

Genesis did also include a couple of nods to their prog rock roots on Invisible Touch. When I picked up a used copy of the CD last year, I revisited the whole album and found that those tracks, including “The Brazilian” were a lot better than I remembered. In fact, the entire album holds up really well. As I’ve made a point to reacquire music that I listened to in the past, whether on vinyl, cassette tape or CDs that I no longer have, I’ve found that not everything has stood the test of time so well, but Invisible Touch certainly has. Besides, sometimes you just can’t get enough Phil Collins!

The Brazilian – Genesis

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