366TAS: 4:46 – Beats Antique – Siren Song

Every so often in the 366TAS project, I’ll have to choose between two artists/songs that make for an amusingly odd pairing. Today’s pick might have been the Wang Chung classic, “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”, in honor of an old rotisserie baseball team that I named after the band. Instead, to keep with the instrumental theme and probably introduce most people to something new, I’m going with Beats Antique.

Wikipedia will tell you that Beats Antique is an experimental world fusion and electronic music group. That sounds nice and vague enough to be just about anything. The Beats Antique website, however, has a home page title of, “Live Electro-Acoustic, Heavy Bass, Belly Dancing and Roots Music.” Wikipedia goes on to elaborate that Beats Antique’s music contains “infusions of Middle Eastern belly dance music, down tempo, hip-hop, old school jazz, clown, afro-beat, and many styles of electronic music.” Basically, the point here is that I’m not even sure what to make of these guys, but their 2011 release, Elektrafone is a good, atmospheric listen, even if the takeaway is that it’s “down tempo clown belly dancing” music.

Siren Song – Beats Antique

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