366TAS: 4:45 – Crystal Castles – Intimate

Continuing with my mini-celebration of instrumental music, today we come to Crystal Castles, who have a new album coming out sometime later this year (or early next year?). If their third album anything like the first two, it will also be self-titled. That’s right, both of their albums have been titled Crystal Castles. Even Led Zeppelin had the good sense to number their first three albums! But hey, if they want to buck convention, I’m cool with that, especially if they put out more tracks like “Intimate”. Simply put, I loved “Intimate” the first time I heard it and anytime I hear it, it makes me want to go running. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that sometime in the near future.

Also, Stereogum calls Crystal Castles’ live shows, “blood-garglingly awesome“, a description that sounds both disturbing and fantastic. Just had to throw that in there…

Intimate – Crystal Castles

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  1. James says:

    I have to agree with Stereogum when I once saw Crystal Castles in an “indie darlings”-like lineup that included The Ting Tings, Mates of States & Vampire Weekend (before the first backlash) and all I could think was “This is amazing and why aren’t they the closing act!” Other standout tracks include my pick fir the (3:30) mark, Crimewave (5:16) & Vanished (4:02).

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