366TAS: 4:44 – Fred Wesley and the J.B.’s – Blow Your Head

The J.B.’s are primarily known for two things: being James Brown’ backing band (hence the initials) and their classic track, “The Grunt” which has been sampled by hip-hop artists many times over, most notably by Public Enemy who used the two note sax line on “Night of the Living Baseheads”. Public Enemy actually used “The Grunt” on three different tracks on their seminal album, It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.

Public Enemy also called on both James Brown and the J.B.’s a few other times on It Takes a Nation of Millions. Basically, that’s because the J.B.’s brought the funk. “Blow Your Head” was one of the additional tracks that got sampled (on “Caught, Can We Get a Witness?”) and it’s nothing but 4:44 of pure, instrumental funk, featuring Fred Wesley taking the lead on the trombone. Check it out, it’ll blow your head, so to speak…

Blow Your Head – Fred Wesley and the J.B.’s

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