366TAS: 4:43 – David Lee Roth – Just a Gigolo

A couple weeks back, I nearly posted Sammy Hagar’s “I Can’t Drive 55”, if nothing else, in the spirit of giving Van Halen’s frontmen equal time (no, Gary Cherone doesn’t count). Initially, the plan was to give the band a spot a few weeks from now, but upon further review, I decided to go a different direction. So I think this is going to be it for Van Halen and the various bits thereof (leaving aside Eddie’s cameo in “Beat It”).

But what is Van Halen anyway? I mean, existentially, at what point are they no longer Van Halen? According to Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, it’s as soon as you take Michael Anthony out of the picture. Michael Anthony as the critical piece? Who knew?!? … or maybe Patrick Carney is just crazy.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the lyrics in “Just a Gigolo”, because they’re going to be scarce for the next few days as I kick off a little Lollapalooza of instrumental music.

Just a Gigolo – David Lee Roth

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