366TAS: 4:39 – Gotye – In Your Light

I don’t care too much for the recent trend of television as a springboard for popular music. Why people look to the likes of American Idol to find hot new artists? There’s a relatively narrow type of performer who will succeed in that context and y’know, there’s all sorts of other bands out there working hard at making music, not being television stars.

Another outlet for music on your teevee is “Glee”, the FOX musical show that I’ve never actually seen. Take a previously unknown artist, put them on “Glee” and suddenly everybody wants a piece of them, probably because the audiences have now “heard of them”, which makes a difference to people for reasons that I’ll never understand. Regardless, I’m not the only one who isn’t a big fan of television music. In fact, I share that opinion with Gotye, who was launched to the top of the charts thanks in large part to the “Glee” performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Here’s what the man himself had to say about his star turn on “Glee:”

“They did such a faithful arrangement of the instrumentals, but the vocals were that pop Glee style — ultra-dry, sounded pretty tuned. And the rock has no real sense, Like it’s playing to you from a cardboard box.”

Yowch! In any case, Making Mirrors was one of the first 2012 albums that I started listening to, before the Glee, before the fame, before I knew what the lead single was. The album goes in a lot of different stylistic directions, most of which are interesting. That said, I definitely wouldn’t have pegged “Somebody That I Used to Know” as the top track on the album. I’m not actually sure what would have been, but “In Your Light” is certainly a contender.

In Your Light – Gotye

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  2. James says:

    It’s funny but I actually got this album for free at a DC101 event before “Somebody I Used To Know” exploded onto popular consciousness. I actually think that popular track doesn’t get going until Kimbra pops up near the end of the song. My pick off this album would be “Eyes Wide Open” (3:11).

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