366TAS: 4:38 – Buddy Guy – Where is the Next One Coming From?

“If you don’t think you have the blues, just keep living.”

That’s the sum total of Buddy Guy’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech. Buddy Guy’s sage bits of wisdom have certainly come to the forefront for me over the last few weeks as all sorts of slights large and small have left me wondering, “Where is the Next One Coming From?” Whether it’s losing the tiebreaking rock-paper-scissors at trivia or just missing the bus, it’s felt like one thing after another. Ah well, that means I’m due for a few good weeks, right? Hey, my vacation is coming up soon…

More often, however, Buddy Guy and several other blues artists also remind me of my old days delivering pizzas. On Saturday nights, I always tuned in to WYEP’s all blues show that would keep some sweet blues music playing straight through ’til the end of the night. I never got quite as deep into the blues as I feel like I should have, but a few artists have made their way into my collection, and I’m all the better for it.

Where is the Next One Coming From? – Buddy Guy

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