366TAS: 4:32 – Sondre Lerche – Nevermind the Typos

Spotify lowers, if not eliminates, the barrier to trying and discovering great new music that might be outside of your typical channels, genres and interests. One way I’ve used Spotify to discover new music and filter all the stuff that’s out there is to dump lots of potentially interesting albums into an “on the radar” playlist, shuffle that list and wait to see what catches my ear. One of the big surprising discoveries from last year was Sondre Lerche, a Norwegian troubadour who I never would have discovered in a world without Spotify. Amazon also gets some credit too for putting him in their “Best of 2011” early in the year, but without Spotify, I probably don’t hear enough of Lerche’s self-titled album to catch my attention.

As it was, this album earned its space in my library, thanks to a handful of catchy tunes that could stand out in the shuffle such as “Nevermind the Typos” (not to mention “When the River”, “Living Dangerously” or “Private Caller,” the latter two of which I highlighted when I posted the rankings). Even though it bucks 2011 convention by never minding the saxophone, Sondre Lerche was one of last year’s highlights. Suffice to say, while I recommend checking out Sondre Lerche, I also can’t highly enough recommend Spotify and Rdio (I actually prefer Rdio’s interface, but I’m still hanging in with Spotify, for now).

Nevermind the Typos – Sondre Lerche

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