366TAS: 4:30 – Kathleen Edwards – Change the Sheets

A couple weeks ago, I gave a shout-out to Kathleen Edwards (amongst others) for putting out one of the better albums of 2012 to date. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty small pond in which to be a big fish. Even the 2012 albums I’ve heard that have a few good tracks on them don’t have that certain something that makes me want to pull them off the (proverbial) shelf and listen time and time again. Voyageur falls squarely into this category. I like some of the songs and it’s definitely worth an entry on my playlist of 2012 highlight songs. But singles are where this year’s strength is, as opposed to albums, then Kathleen Edwards looks primed for a relatively good year, as “Change the Sheets” and a few other tracks are pretty strong.

Change the Sheets – Kathleen Edwards

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