366TAS: 4:26 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

Two years ago, I was driving home from vacation on the Outer Banks. It was a great trip, but the beds in our beach house were… mediocre. I didn’t sleep particularly well all week and, as is so often the case, I was more tired after vacation than I was before vacation. My cousin Megan felt basically the same way, and while I was giving her a ride back to DC, we were both really, really tired. I had been on the road for three or four hours at this point, so a little highway hypnosis was setting in as well.

I had tried lots of the usual tricks for waking up while driving: I rolled down the windows, I chewed some gum and you know I was already rocking out to some great tunes on the stereo (Talk radio is actually a go-to stay awake method too, but not this particular night). All this was to no avail, however, and the fatigue was getting pretty heavy. What do you do then? You pull out the awesome road trip mix CD that you made and cue up “Zero” because there’s no finer song for injecting a little energy when you’re feeling sleepy. Worked for me and it even woke Megan up, even though she was generally nonplussed by my musical choices. Great song, great driving song. Yeah (yeah yeah!).

Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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  2. James says:

    For the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, there seems to be two ways that their best songs always seem to start off; 1) the quick roll like this pick, “Date With The Night” (2:35), “Turn Into” (4:05), & “Heads Will Roll” (3:41) or 2) the slow build like “Cheated Hearts” (3:58). My choice would have to break the one song rule because I believe the duo slow builds plus seamless transition inbetween “Maps” (3:39) & “Y Control” (4:00), make it their best ‘song’. Listen to them straight thru & tell me I’m wrong.

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