366TAS: 4:06 – British Sea Power – Carrion

One of the great things about living in Washington, DC is that we get a pretty good number of interesting concerts. Lots of indie bands that might have a smaller following than big major label acts might play a show here while skipping smaller cities like Pittsburgh. Even a band as big as Belle & Sebastian that might sell out DAR Constitution Hall will skip over most of “flyover country”, just playing the big coastal metropolises.

Unfortunately, since I’ve been living here, I haven’t been able to go to many shows at all, due to some unusual personal circumstances. If memory serves me right, Saturday’s M83 show was the first one I attended since the aforementioned Belle & Sebastian gig about a year and a half ago. Before that, we’re going back a little over two years and that makes me awfully unhappy. The good news is that I may be able to start taking advantage of the DC concert scene a little more in the near future. I’m definitely going to be there on Monday when the Polyphonic Spree roll into town and I might see Battles when they visit in June. Heck, browse the Pollstar listings yourself and see the cornucopia of interesting upcoming shows.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of shows that I regret having to skip over the years. As recently as January, I passed on the chance to see Cults at the Black Cat. Before that, acts like Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, Air and the Budos Band (several times over) are on the list of shows I couldn’t make. The first show that I remember saying, “oh man, I can’t make this”, however, was a British Sea Power concert back in 2005. Like the Budos Band, I think I’ve missed out on them a few times. At this point, I want to see them as much to exorcise the demons of so many skipped shows as I want to see them because they rock. And make no mistake, British Sea Power does rock. “Carrion” is a favorite.

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  1. John says:

    You should catch Dick Valentine of Electric Six when he plays a solo show at the Black Cat on June 28.

    I’ve got KC & The Sunshine Band’s 1984 comeback hit, “Give It Up,” which I associate, to this day, with hearing it as a nine-year-old during warmups before the only United States Football League game that I ever attended (Pittsburgh Maulers-New Jersey Generals, Three Rivers Stadium, 4/22/84):

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtQlRsYqpWE&w=420&h=315%5D

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