366TAS: 3:45 – Blues Image – Ride Captain Ride

The first time I heard the Blues Image song, “Ride Captain Ride” was in the fall of 2007 when the Polyphonic Spree ended the last show of the Fragile Army tour with a cover of the song. Just like everything else that evening, from the opening band forward, it was a smashing success. I’ve been to lots of great shows, but this was easily the best one I’ve ever seen.

The Spree has been known to pull off an excellent cover or three, but the one song that I would really like them to cover (featured yesterday in this space!) is one that still hasn’t made the agenda. That’s okay, because if anything, their original material is even better than the covers.

Oh, and did I mention that they’re on tour right now? That’s right Pittsburgh, Syracuse, DC and New York, they’ll be in your neck of the woods soon. Get your tickets now! (I already have mine.) Here’s a taste of what you’ll see, even if this cover of “Ride Captain Ride” doesn’t make the cut:

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  1. John says:

    I’ll follow your original/cover discussion with a cover, The Power Station’s “Get It On (Bang A Gong).” The whole Robert Palmer + Duran Duran + Chic supergroup idea seems historically dubious, but I’ve always liked the gusto with which they delivered this performance (there’s a good clip of them doing “Get It On” on SNL out there, as well):


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