366TAS: 3:16 – Drums and Tuba – Clashing

Remember last week when I mentioned that we would be hearing from one of the bands that helped expand my musical horizons this week? Well that was going to be today. Instead, I’m going to hold off on them until later and present you with Drums and Tuba instead.

I actually saw Drums and Tuba when they came through Pittsburgh back in late 2003/early 2004. I’m not exactly sure when it was, but I know it was after my car went up in flames (yes, literally… at least everything under the hood). You see, with no car, it was substantially more difficult for me to get from my house to the venue, over in Garfield. So I convinced a few friends to come on out to the show and to give me a ride.

The only problem was that my friends might not have been ready for this kind of different and unusual act. The band’s lineup literally features a guy playing the drums and another guy playing a tuba. Some guitar is thrown in there too, but the name of the band is as fitting a description as any. For me, Drums and Tuba was a fun, albeit experimental kind of group. My friends were not as amused. Dara, in particular, had a problem with the way they used looping in their live show, saying it “wasn’t real” or something.

Long story short, nobody (except me) wanted to stay long, so we ended up leaving early. As far as I can remember, it’s one of only four shows I’ve ever left before the conclusion and including today, three of those artists have already been featured here (Pavement also gets a special nod for being the last act I saw in full before leaving a festival very much against my will amidst a fabulous LCD Soundsystem set).

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