366TAS: 2:52 – Wilson Pickett – A Man and a Half

I’ve taken a day or two to mention soundtracks for television and movies already and there will be more to come in that regard. But how about soundtracks for real life? That’s a concept I considered a few years back, when I put together a soundtrack for myself.

The first time I took a crack at doing this, the results were mixed. Unlike a film, a personal soundtrack doesn’t really have accompanying visuals to set the scene; it has to stand alone in its depictions. In that way, a personal soundtrack is as much a biographical portrait as an actual soundtrack. As such, it’s easy to make choices that are more literal than figurative, at least it was for me. Nevertheless, Wilson Pickett’s “A Man and a Half” was one of the easier choices to put on my personal soundtrack. Thinking about it again now, that’s a choice I would definitely repeat if I were to update the soundtrack today.

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  1. John says:

    I listened to a lot of WP during the summer before my junior year of college. His two-disc collection–named after your 2:52 song–is pretty solid. I’m now inspired to put it on, after all of these years…

    Crowded House’s “Something So Strong” probably wouldn’t show up on the soundtrack of my life (not to be confused with the band The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, who will probably show up on my shadow list at some point), but I think it’s also a worthy 2:52:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyBKzBtaKWM&w=420&h=315%5D

    When a gathering of local Pittsburgh musicians got together for a 2005 tribute show honoring the new wave/modern rock station WXXP (a fun night of music), they dedicated “Something So Strong” to Nixon Clocks/Affordable Floors/Breakup Society keyboardist Rich Rust, who had died of skin cancer the year before.

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