366TAS: 2:48 – Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues

Ten song New York City-themed playlist:

  1. Harlem River Blues – Justin Townes Earle
  2. King of NY – Dan the Automator (featuring Kool Keith)
  3. New York City – They Might Be Giants
  4. New York, New York – Ryan Adams
  5. Angel of Harlem – U2
  6. Piazza, New York Catcher – Belle & Sebastian
  7. Daddy Don’t Live In That New York City No More – Steely Dan
  8. Bronx Sniper – Mister Heavenly
  9. No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn – Beastie Boys
  10. New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down – LCD Soundsystem

Yes, I left out a bunch, but that happens when you limit your playlist to ten selections. Make your own suggestions in the comments…

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4 Responses to 366TAS: 2:48 – Justin Townes Earle – Harlem River Blues

  1. John says:

    Eighteen songs:

    1. “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker,” The Ramones (could also be “We’re A Happy Family” or “53rd and 3rd”)
    2. “Frankenstein,” New York Dolls (“Something musta happened/Over Manhattan”)
    3. “New York,” Sex Pistols (dissing Johnny Thunders of the NY Dolls)
    4. “White Train,” Electric Six (“she wasn’t satisfied/living by the airport in Queens”)
    5. “Max’s Kansas City 1976,” Wayne County & The Back Street Boys (tribute to all of the bands coming out of NYC at the time, with a singer destined for gender-reversal surgery)
    6. “Sucker M.C.s,” Run-D.M.C. (one the few rap songs boasting about a Big East school)
    7. “New York Groove,” Ace Frehley (four KISS solo records on one day!)
    8. “Manhattan Skyline,” David Shire (“Saturday Night Fever” instrumental)
    9. “All The Critics Love U In New York,” Prince (from the critical and commercial favorite, “1999”)
    10. “Rockin’ Around N.Y.C.,” Marshall Crenshaw (one of the songs that inspired late rock critic Renee Crist to call Crenshaw’s debut “a manifesto for cool guys,” or words to that effect)
    11. “Empire State,” Fleetwood Mac (a California/England take on the subject)
    12. “New York City Cops,” The Strokes (left off the debut because of 9/11)
    13. “Brooklyn (Owns The Charmer Under Me),” Steely Dan (who had a good touch with NYC tunes)
    14. “Nights On Broadway,” Bee Gees (unless they’re singing about Nashville’s Broadway, like Big & Rich)
    15. “Shattered,” Rolling Stones (“bite the Big Apple/don’t mind the maggots”)
    16. “Whizz Kid,” Mott The Hoople (with lingo that’s indecipherable, I imagine, unless you were part of the early-1970s groupie scene)
    17. “The Yankee Flipper,” The Baseball Project (“as this was New York City/you may have heard they had a few bars there”)
    18. “Le Freak,” Chic (about being denied entrance to Studio 54)

    And my 2:48 is the Buoys’ gruesome 1971 hit “Timothy,” about two men who survive a mining disaster by eating the third member of their party (or was it the mule?):

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_e2lRusihY&w=420&h=315%5D

    • Captain Easychord says:

      impressive list! I was just going on song titles and so forth, but I’d have been hard-pressed to come up with a whole lot of other references…

      • John says:

        Thank you! I had college friends who were twin brothers from Queens, so any New York references (especially ones involving Queens) tended to stick in my mind back then.

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