366TAS: 2:30 – Tegan & Sara – Walking With A Ghost

Canadian FlagOur neighbors to the north are much beloved for many things: ice hockey, friendliness and delicious breakfasts to name just a few. Canada also isn’t too bad when it comes to making musicians. OK, they do have to apologize to the world for Celine Dion… perhaps Alanis Morrisette as well, even if only for ruining so many people’s conception of “irony.” Oh, and Nickelback, they’re just horrible. Since Canadians are friendly folks, we’ll just pretend not to notice those severe blemishes on their record.

Taking a quick glance over the list of what’s to come, it seems like I’m going to be highlighting at least 15 different Canadian artists and another ten or so have gotten some consideration. Most of these Canadians didn’t quite garner enough attention to rank on the list of Sean’s top 25 Canadian musicians (you can count the number of artists overlapping our lists on one hand), but discovering great music you haven’t heard before is one of the reasons you’re here, right? Right.

Neil Young was not only first on Sean’s list, he was the first to be posted here as well. My second is a pair of identical twin sisters hailing from Calgary: Tegan & Sara. The duo has gotten a fair bit of recognition over the years, placing plenty of songs in television shows and garnering three nominations for Alternative Album of the Year at the Juno Awards (basically, the Canadian Grammys). I’ve always thought “Walking With A Ghost” was their biggest song, if only because I’ve heard it covered a bunch of times, most prominently by the White Stripes (who themselves toured Canada and made a documentary about it). That said, I’m not a huge Tegan & Sara fan, so I could be wrong there. For now, we’ll say adieu to Canada, but there will be another fair northerner coming up next month.

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  1. John says:

    1) I hope that one of your future Canadian selections will be from the band Sloan. (I’ll be including a Sloan tune at some point.)

    2) Keith Harris’ excellent Useful Noise blog included a T&S tune as one of its top 250 songs of the ’00s:


    3) I’ll counter with Morrissey’s “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful,” in honor of my year group’s selection board for Lieutenant Colonel–a big diverging point for USAF JAG careers- meeting next month:

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