366TAS: 2:12 – Save Ferris – The World Is New

For much of the last year, I’ve been going to weekly trivia nights with a merry band of rabblerousers who chose to name our team after a t-shirt (an award-winning t-shirt, thankyouverymuch!). One of our strengths has always been the music rounds, thanks in part to the breadth of knowledge that my buddy Dan (a former DJ) and I bring to the table. Typically, there’s a pretty fair spread of music that gets played, everything from classic hits to the occasional modern indie rocker, top 40 hit or some country music. Typically, the fare is pretty well known, but every now and then they dig deeper to pull out some obscure gem.

Well one night, I hear some familiar ska-sounding horns… I know that I know the song… but what is it? Of course, Dan was on the spot with the answer right away: Save Ferris’ “Goodbye.” Save Ferris? Wow! I thought that would definitely have been too obscure even for the trivia folks, no? I remember them getting some low level of acclaim back in college, but I thought that was just a regional thing, right? Errr… not so much. The band is from Los Angeles… nowhere near Syracuse!

Save Ferris was best known for their (excellent) cover of “Come On Eileen”, but it turns out that “The World Is New” got its turn in the spotlight too. I mean, it was literally an accompaniment to the spotlight in Tara Lipinski’s professional debut in the 1998 SkateTV Championships. Video proof below! Who knew? Obviously not me… I guess I was watching something else.

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  1. John says:

    My 2:12 is from another band who most people know from their ’90s efforts (even though their best work was in the ’00s): Nada Surf’s “Blankest Year.”

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkjPmcso_GA&w=420&h=315%5D

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