366TAS: 2:03 – Noah and the Whale – Love Of An Orchestra

While it seemed unusual that I didn’t include Queen in my first draft of this list, an even greater surprise was that Noah and the Whale showed up not once, not twice, but three times. Now don’t get me wrong, these guys have done some fine, strong work. Their most recent album, Last Night on Earth cracked the my top 20 for albums that came out last year, so I certainly don’t look at them like I would a one-hit wonder, but to be listed three times while Queen, R.E.M. (!) and AC/DC (!!!) get left off the list? That’s just strange.

Part of the reason why they were listed three times is because I found a few places to stick them in where my options were a little bit limited… like right here, for instance! That said, don’t sleep on “Love of an Orchestra” just because it went up against weak competition. There are a lot of things I like about this little tune that you’ll see showing up in plenty of other picks that I make: big, symphonic sounds, upbeat feelings, backing choir vocals… If only there were a band that could put all of this together in a nice, tidy package on a regular basis…

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  1. John says:

    This is kind of a weak length. I’ll go with Fats Domino’s “My Blue Heaven” over the Replacements’ “Waitress In The Sky” (b/c I’d like to save another ‘Mats fave for the 2:29 cut).

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