366TAS: 2:02 – Queen – We Will Rock You

I’m not sure what the popular choices are to get fans pumped up at stadiums nowadays. For awhile, it was “The Hey Song” (aka: “Rock And Roll (Part 2)”) by Gary Glitter. But before that – and probably to this day – “We Will Rock You” was almost as pervasive. The clip above that was the opening to an episode of Cheers pretty much illustrates just how huge the song was for awhile. All it takes to incite the entire bar into spontaneous bursts of song was Norm tapping his pencil. (And hey, check out that mullet on Woody!)

As I recall, the Pirates used to use that Cheers clip as they were heading into the ninth inning… was it when they were winning and looking to close out the opposition? When they were losing and looking to rally? Either one, depending on the score?

Sadly, I can’t include “We Are The Champions” here since y’know… it is an entirely separate song (with a different time, to boot). At first, I didn’t want to make this pick because it felt like I was picking “half a song,” but then I finished my first draft of the list and found that I didn’t include ANY Queen tracks.

Since I haven’t had time to go back and edit/improve the selections, I’ve been making lots of tough choices on the fly these last few days. In fact, of the most recent ten selections, six of them were last second changes… one of which was made after I had written up the post for the original choice! The original pick for today, for instance, was Los Lobos’ rendition of the Ritchie Valens track, “Come On, Let’s Go”, which I seem to remember being more successful than it actually was.

In any case, tomorrow and Sunday will be my second and third free days in DC since mid-December, so hopefully I can get things straight here and queue up some posts so that these guys come out more than a couple minutes before midnight going forward.

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  1. John says:

    Before the Cheers bit came to be, I remember “WWRY” sounding really cool as the soundtrack for an SF Giants pitching change at one of the first games I ever attended at Three Rivers, back in July ’83. There’s a bizarre Rick Rubin remix of the song–kind of making it sound like Run-D.M.C.–on the 1991 reissue of Queen’s “News of the World.”

    Deadspin had a lengthy feature on a modern-day jock jam yesterday:


    For my part, I’ll offer Crazy Elephant’s “Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’,” a song that has always sounded way tamer than I would expect from a band named “Crazy Elephant”:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JibgblgNdYk&w=420&h=315%5D

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