366TAS: 2:00 – Dan The Automator – Ganges A Go-Go

When I laid out the list of all 366 songs, I found that I had something to say about most of the songs, artists or albums involved. This… wasn’t one of them. But hey, it’s remixed Bollywood funk and the album (Bombay The Hard Way: Guns, Cars and Sitars) is a pretty fun listen.

I will, however, take a moment to mention that little “DSAT” thing in the title of all these posts. I wanted to give this series some sort of name or identifier that I could put in the post titles and tags for easy reference. Since I’m already throwing a bunch of stuff into post titles, I figured it had to be relatively short. So “DSAT”, short for “daily song/artist/time” is what I came up with. I’m not particularly wedded to it, however, so if anyone has a better way to refer to the countdown, I’m all ears. (And yes, I’m fully aware that “DTAS” would be more appropriate given the hierarchy involved in picking the songs… I may yet switch to that.)

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