366TAS: 1:59 – The Lemonheads – Alison’s Starting To Happen

Some of these times, the songs basically pick themselves. Maybe there’s one great song and a bunch of filler or maybe there are two good songs, but one of the artists has a few hits to choose from. Just yesterday, for instance, I could have gone with Radiohead’s, “Fitter Happier” or the They Might Be Giants classic, “Particle Man.” Well, obviously I couldn’t pick TMBG, since I used them last Friday (technically, I could have planned it such that I would have made a different choice at 1:55, but I didn’t) and OMG spoiler, Radiohead also has some other (better) choices and they will show up later on. Since yesterday’s pick was also probably my favorite Mountain Goats song, it was easy all around.

Other days, it’s a bit trickier. Today, for instance, I had to pick between two artists whose only real opportunity to make the countdown was… today. On one hand, there was the 5, 6, 7, 8’s who did “Woo Hoo” for the Kill Bill soundtrack. It’s fun and it showed up in commercials and so forth. On the other, we have the Lemonheads. Now sure, “It’s A Shame About Ray” is technically an option later on, but there’s a ton of competition at 3:07 and it didn’t really stand a chance. So it’s now or never for both bands.

When faced with multiple good options, I’m usually going to either go with a song/band/album that has some personal relevance to my life… something I can pair with an anecdote to relate or reason for its relevance. Failing that, I might make a choice because it gives me a chance to introduce you to something new as opposed to re-hashing something familiar to everyone (although rest assured, you WILL see plenty of old favorites throughout the year).

From the title here, you can see which way I went with my choice today and truthfully, there wasn’t a whole lot of rationale here. No stories, probably nothing too new… just a tough choice between two good tracks. Which way would you go? Or would you make a different choice entirely?

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  1. John says:

    I had considered this one, too. So I’ll go with my other choice, Turbonegro’s “Rendezvous With Anus.” (Unless, of course, this is a family blog…)

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