366TAS: 1:58 – The Mountain Goats – Dance Music

Shortly after putting this list together, I stumbled across Stereogum’s (previously posted) list of the top ten indie rock songs under two minutes in length. One of their ten picks? This track right here. Look, I don’t always agree with the hip music blogs, but every now and then, they’re right on the money.

For what it’s worth, a few tracks that would probably make my top indie rock songs under 2:00, but were too short to be included in my 366 song project: Belle & Sebastian – Simple Things (1:46), Daft Punk – Derezzed (1:44), Javelin – The Merkin Jerk (1:38), Man Man – Doo Right (1:38), Spoon – Car Radio (1:30), Fishbone – Subliminal Fascism (1:28).

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  1. John says:

    Elvis Costello’s “Secondary Modern” is one of the most sublime sub-120-second ditties in my collection, but I don’t want to use him up so soon, so I’ll go with the Music Machine’s “Talk Talk” (Sean Bonniwell RIP). “My social life’s a dud/my name is really mud” is one of my favorite garage rock lyrics.

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