366TAS: 1:57 – Bishop Allen – Penitentiary Bound

There’s going to be quite a bit of variety in the music I post for this project over the course of the year. Lots of genres, styles, instruments and so forth. That said, there’s going to be a healthy dose of indie rock in the mix. Eventually, I’m going to get around to writing up a post about why most of my (known) readers *should* be taking a greater interest in some of the indie stuff that’s out there and how anyone can easily find their own way in the indie world. I would have liked to have had that done by today, but alas I’ve been working a lot lately (one day off since Christmas) so I haven’t had much free time.

Bishop Allen isn’t a huge name in the indie world… you won’t find them atop year-end lists and whatnot, but they’ve always done catchy, fun little tunes that are pretty accessible for anyone dipping their toe into the indie rock world. So yeah, I know you may not have heard of them before… but now you have! Check ’em out!

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  1. John says:

    “Sirius,” The Alan Parsons Project. (Then again, I’ve always been a big Pitt football fan.)

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