366TAS: 1:54 – James Taylor – Jelly Man Kelly

The beginning is always a good place to start getting biographical, so let’s do that here. Like I said in the intro to this whole project, the seeds of my music passion predate my earliest memories. I do know a few things about my youth that are relevant to the discussion here, however. Like so many kids of my era, I grew up with Sesame Street and I loved Sesame Street. I would tune in to watch it every day… my mom has a picture of a very young me standing RIGHT in front of the television, watching Sesame Street. I remember going to see the Sesame Street Ice Capades presentation at the Civic Arena, coming home with pennants of my favorite characters. It was awesome.

I also know that at some point in my childhood, my folks got me my very own Fisher Price record player. Wouldn’t you know, I loved that too… and since I was a big Sesame Street fan, it only made sense that my parents went out and got a bunch of Sesame Street records. From my mom’s recollection, I pretty much wore out “Big Bird Leads the Band”. The way she describes it, I think she was glad that I eventually moved on. “The Count Counts” was another favorite of mine and our copy of “Merry Christmas from Sesame Street” is basically a family treasure at this point. My brother actually got a new copy of it on CD for Christmas this year.

When Sesame Street came out with In Harmony, an album featuring several of my parents’ favorite artists, including The Doobie Brothers and Linda Ronstadt, it was a natural choice for them to add to my collection. While the album would go on to win a Grammy for Best Recording for Children, it never quite struck a chord with me… I guess I didn’t think Sesame Street was staying true to its artistic roots. Heh.

There was, however, one track on the album that I really quite liked, and that was James Taylor’s,”Jelly Man Kelly.” I liked it so much that when I mentioned the album to my mom the other day, she immediately asked, “was that the one with ‘Jelly Man Kelly?'” Yup, that was the one. Loved it then, love it now.

Jelly Man Kelly – James Taylor (Sorry! This one’s not available on Spotify!)

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  1. John says:

    For me, Rancid’s “The War’s End,” a frequent play in my dorm room during the 1995-96 school year.

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