More Great Tunes From 2011

So the list of 2011’s top albums is all done. To finish up the year that was in music, I wanted to take a second to make note of some of the year’s top songs that didn’t get any of the spotlight the last few days. Now I want to take a second to underscore the idea that there were some really, really great tracks outside my top 30 albums. It would be immensely difficult for me to actually make a ranked list of the year’s best songs, but if I did, the top two spots would probably go to Wild Flag’s “Romance” and M83’s “Midnight City.” So… y’know… the tracks I’m talking about here aren’t just a bunch of extras and filler.

Some other notable selections include a couple under-the-radar top 10 tracks (Anna Calvi’s, “Desire” and Patrick Wolf’s, “The City”), personal faves like Girls (“Magic”) and Primus (“Extinction Burst”), Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, the Beastie Boys (“Make Some Noise”) and Paul Simon (“Waiting for Christmas Day”), critical darlings St. Vincent (“Cruel”), Destroyer (“Savage Night at the Opera”) and PJ Harvey (“On Battleship Hill”), Feist (“Graveyards”) and a Feist cover (James Blake’s “Limit to Your Love”), a song that I suspect only I will like (Amon Tobin’s “Journeyman”) and one that was a surprise smash hit of the year (Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”)… plus some Yo-Yo Ma for good measure (“Quarter Chicken Dark”)!

To make things easy for you all, I threw all these tracks into a handy, convenient Spotify playlist. All the tracks in there are pretty sweet, so put ’em on while you’re enjoying your new year’s revelry and it’ll be a good time. Oh, and to make it easy for you to sample the top 30 albums, I threw all those and more into a top 30 albums playlist of their own. Fire ’em up tonight for instant entertainment with your New Year’s revelry or later to reminisce.

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